image Week 2

Week 2 – My desk research continues. Our course: ” Product design at DJCAD, University of Dundee… our students are taught how to find out what people want, to understand their needs and to design products for them” In order to decide what brief i’m going for I had to consider what our course is all about…

  • I have always had an interest on designing for people with autism and trying to understand them. I have a family member with autism, this has inspired me throughout my university degree and I always had this general brief in the back of my mind for my forth year.
  • It is only in recent years that I have had an interest in weightlifting and would love also to design something along that line. I then explored prosthetic limb attachments and how people who have prosthetic limbs can get fit and strong. The main insight I was trying to address was building the confidence of these people as often their confidence is affected but through getting fit and healthy you gain confidence in both your physical and mental self.
  • Through much deliberation I have decided to design for autistic children and try and gain an understanding into their daily life and help aid them in any way I can. I do have a close family member with autism which will not just give me a first hand insight into autistic children but also inspire me to pin point the REAL issues and challenges autistic children deal with and try to help.

Next Steps – Speaking to family members and exploring ways I can expand my research from the desk, to speaking to people who deal with autism in their day to day lives.





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