Week 6

Week 6 – ‘Reading week’ – maybe for some but for me it was a chance to create my guru’s day PeDeTe box. To gain the materials I needed I went to the recycle centre and purchased an old cupboard. The next stage was trying to bring the old object back to life:

– Firstly I took it to the workshop and sanded it down.

– Next I used the jigsaw to cut out a square panel to fit the windows of the box.

– Making the windows – after the see through acrylic was cut to size the next step was laser-cutting the windows, to broadcast my work I etched my name and PeDeTe onto them.

– After this the box was painted and objects placed inside.

– In order to create a department for each section an transparent acrylic shelf was made.

– Lastly was just organising the objects and fitting the spotlight to show each section effectively.


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