Week 10

Week 10 – Continuing with my Report research and the ‘Made Strong’ brand by trying to converse with members of the public. Creating new logos for the brands products and my designs. Came up with S2 designs logo and aid autsim logo…

Exploring autism further through giving a family with an autistic child different types fabrics (all the same colour to avoid confusion of results) as autistic children respond very sensitively to fabrics. Hoping to use the insights from this in my prototypes and create tactile objects and interesting fabrics autistic children seek comfort in. Initial idea so far is set around comforting the child and making them feel safe in an environment. Going to a sensory room when next back in Glasgow as many autistic children seem react well to them. After speaking with the teacher at Howford school she informed me that one of the child’s parents takes her child to the sensory room to which she then goes for a coffee at the cafe downstairs for up to two hours with no disruption and both child and parent seem content and happy. Therefore it seems worth investigating the rooms for myself.


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