Week 13

Week 13 – Reflection after presentation of PeDeTe sheets and process so far. Feedback seemed to be critical of exactly where I was going with my project as I have not yet pin pointed exactly what I want to attack. Upon reflection of feedback from presentation I was able to identify a more clear path from my project. I have taken some of the feedback on board. Feedback was centred around the confusion to why my proposed product was needed. My proposal in the PeDeTe presentation was to have a calming space for autistic children where the can go to feel safe. The criticism the idea received was that it wasn’t clear why I was ‘putting an autistic child in the corner of a room’ when then already struggle to interact with people. However, in my opinion and after speaking to my aunt who has an autistic son, she claims there is definitely room for a product like that. An autistic child just needs somewhere to go when it all gets too much, she compared it to when someone is stressed and needs to destress. I was planning on making the area/space very centred on senses. This was based around my trip to the sensory room in Glasgow and research I have gathered about autistic children’s sensory nature:


The sensory room visit was very helpful in letting me see what technology and textures autistic children seem to respond well to. My research has been very beneficial so far it and has not been specific to what I will eventually be making. With this in mind I have decided to change my product and go down the route of designing for autistic children and interacting with others and help stimulate their imagination and creativity (this is beneficial to any child, not just those with ADSD). I took inspiration by looking at games and devices that already exist in the market to help mould my idea forward and seek inspiration. To which I found products such as Go bug which encourages children both with and without autism to play together through teamwork http://www.rnrassociates.com/wordpress/gobug/

The aspect I loved about gobug was  how it encourages children work together as a team. The product does not work unless teamwork is achieved, I hope to embed this insight/idea in my product somehow:

“Gobug will activate only when 2 or more controllers are in-hand. It acts as an interactive toy by providing few feedbacks for the user for accurate or inaccurate play. Gobug has a lot to offer children with autism. It helps users work in union on verbal, physical and non-verbal communicative levels. This helps autistic kids to learn through imitative play, by watching the other kid and his/her hand motions. Doing this increases the spatial perception, auditory processing, visual tracking and social interaction of autistic children.”


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