Week 14 & Winter break

Week 14 – Stage one of my research is complete as I have tuned into the world of autism and now it is time to specify my goals for the design of the product. I plan to do this through visiting the Howford school who have kindly granted me access as they teach a lot of autistic children in all different levels of the spectrum. This will hopefully be very helpful in allowing me to see the variations of the disorder. I plan to do a workshop with the children to see how they work/play together and what creativity they express.

Winter Break – I have been focusing on my report hand in over the break coupled with trying to create some workshops I can do with the kids at the school when I visit. Came up with the idea of interaction/play through puzzles as jigsaws are very important and widely appreciated by autistic children. The whole logo of autism is centred around jigsaws. I plan to get one child to create a jigsaw from a blank canvas and get the other child to make the jigsaw and work together and see what responses I get from the children.




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