Week 16


Week 16 – Visit to the science centre and exploring potential technologies I can use in my project. The trip was helpful as it showed me some technologies I could use including those with heat/touch, sound sensitivity etc all the those to which explored the 5 senses helped my research as children with ADSD need stimulation of the senses. A lot of the technologies I explored could be very useful in my final product as the values of sensory type objects for any child with autism are very effective and stimulating for them. This is why (highlighted previously) sensory rooms are so highly effective and enjoyed by autistic children.

This could be very interesting to test with the children and see their reactions to ‘disappearing’… not sure if they would get upset by this or not though.

The above face-morph software has potential to help with their imagination. Perhaps their face could morph into a pirate or another character and encourage imaginative play..

A very interesting thing I came across was the robots that react to different interactions like touch, sound, heat etc.. could be a potential technology as autistic children are very sensory based. Another thing that they seem to react well to is lighting as seen in the sensory room. Some of the interactions such as turning the cogs to power the robot, were very tactile, this is ideal for autistic children as they love to get feedback from objects (such as feeling the cogs move as they turn). Overall the science centre was helpful in letting me see what interactive technologies were out their.


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