Why Puzzles?

Through my research Puzzles (in particular jigsaws) have been apparent over and over again. This article seems to sum up why this is the case – http://guardianlv.com/2013/12/puzzles-may-offer-a-clue-to-understanding-autism/

Here is a few of the main quotes from the article:

  • “People with autism will often enjoy doing puzzles. Their love of puzzles may take many different forms. In fact, the autistic love of puzzles may offer a clue to understanding autism. Many parents of children with autism believe that until and unless medical research finds a cure for autism it is important for us to continue trying to understand autism. The more paths we have to understanding autism, or at least appreciating it, the more parents and teachers will be able to help students and children with autism to feel comfortable.”
  • The use of the puzzle piece as a logo for the cause of autism has British origins. It was introduced by the National Autistic Society of the UK in 1963. One interpretation of this logo suggests that autism is a puzzle that needs to be solved. Another interpretation might simply be that people with autism love doing puzzles.
  • “In fact, the more difficult the puzzle is, the more a person with autism might enjoy doing it.
    … What is difficult for social people to understand is that the more social the puzzle becomes, the more difficult it may become for the person with autism to solve. If autism is a puzzle for social people, it may also be said that social life is a puzzle for people with autism.”

This is definitely my strongest insight so far and I will be exploring this concept further and perhaps even using it in the workshop I have planned in the near future.


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