The day of the fog & workshop preparation

After the very informative visit from Colin burns I have realised I need to cement my idea now and stick it out. Stop being scared of making the wrong decision, everything will fall into place as after all the design process is anything but linear. At this moment in time my research is vast but idea is a bit ‘foggy’ as commented on by Colin Burns. I know I would like to incorporate a game based aspect into my design and try to get children to interact. First however I must experience first hand the way in which autistic children interact. I have arranged a visit on Friday to a special needs school in Glasgow where 58% of the children are on the autistic spectrum. I plan to do a workshop that is extremely simple and not too tasking for them, as autistic children do not react well to change so I would like to create a workshop with a fun aspect and feel at the forefront and just run with it. The plan so far is to go in with some  jigsaws which I have created (bought spares also just in case) and armed with many pens, pencils and crayons, see how they interact with one and other. Not sure as of yet exactly how my workshop is going pan out but the proposal at this point is to firstly see how they interact with a pre made jigsaw puzzle, then each child will be given a blank jigsaw and can draw whatever they feel like drawing (but most likely with some encouragement from the teacher and myself), once they have completed their drawings the puzzles will be swapped and each child will have to put together the puzzle created by their peers. The aim of this proposed workshop is to observe how autistic children interact with one and other when playing a game/puzzle and see if I can gain any insights with what I may gather from my findings.


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