Mark i prototyping idea generation

I started exploring with projectors as my idea has developed into creating a visual aid for the children to use while working on the jigsaw puzzle together. I started by using the simplest materials possible such as acetate an A4 reading magnification lens and some sort of light source (in this case a torch):

Upon exploration I realised that the torch power was too strong and I needed to find a way to either dim it or lessen the power somehow:

I therefore frosted a bit of acrylic with sandpaper but it didn’t seem to work great. Onto trying out more ways to omit light with different torches with LED light which seemed to work far better and does not overheat:

I bought a plant pot and cut a hole in the middle to attempt to create a shaper image by minimising the aperture, printed off some acetate and placed my magnification lens in the hole I created. This worked quite effectively but I needed a way to adjust the image focus by bringing the lens back and forth. I decided to attach the magnification lens to the light source and have the ability to move it back and forth in order to focus the image:

I used a draft excluder to allow the LED stick to move but minimal light to escape. My most accomplished mark i prototype was successful in that it focused the image better. However, as well as it being very bulky the focus was still not great, unsure if this was because of the quality of lens or type of lens etc. Therefore I’ve arranged a meeting with specsavers to discuss what my best option in terms of lenses. My product seemed to be of interest to the specsavers in Dundee as they have an autistic employee working for them.


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