Materials and packaging

Wasn’t sure as of yet what materials I will be using. I came across a smartphone projector online that uses only cardboard and a magnification lens. The idea that the packaging could be used as the product really interests me. When putting together the packaging/product this could be in interaction in itself. Therefore I purchased the smartphone projector to see how effective this process is and if it would be viable and worthwhile looking further into:


Perhaps not made clear in the photos but this was very fiddly to put together. They instructions were easy enough to understand with the images etc but one wrong move and the product is ruined. I think adding this headache to my potential product would overcomplicate things in the long run. After speaking to the teacher in Howford school about it, she seemed to think that by making out of cardboard it would not last and be” destroyed in seconds” by the children. Upon researching children’s toys the best and most personal looking toys are made from wood:

Wood is far more personal and plastic looks extremely cheap- because it is. I need to weigh up the pros and cons of each material and what i’m trying to achieve. It seems that the product would be best based in a special needs school like Howford, therefore budget is not so much a problem than if it was for personal use. Aid autism is a brand could provide special needs schools (like Howford) with these products and also provide a service if something goes wrong/breaks, similar to a photo-copy machine etc. As it will be made from wood, the durability is heightened massively.