Specsavers Meeting 1

I arranged to visit the specsavers in Dundee to talk more about my product and what lenses will best suit what I am trying to do. I brought in a children’s torch projector to simulate my idea and get a rough size and strength of lens:

This is eventually what I would like to achieve in my projections so by taking this along to specsavers I was hoping that they would point me in the right direction to achieve this. After showing the torch to them I was directed to the lab so they could find out what strength the lens was:

If you refer to the image entitled lab 1, the machine on the left hand side of the picture was used to see what strength the lens was. The lens on the torch was +50, which is a huge magnification. This is needed though in order to project the images at a large size and still have a small spool of images. Upon investigation of the spools the image is upside-down as I learned that past a certain point the image reflects itself and needs to be upside down in order to view the projection the correct way up. Also was informed that the lens I needed was a convex lens which could have been why my mark i prototypes did not work that well. I asked about getting lenses made for my final prototype and was shown the machine that cuts lenses to size as a possibility for my final to get ask crisp an image as possible. I was also shown a treated lens which goes through ultraclear/antireflective lens treatment that would allow an even crisper image. However, for the simplicity of my project I don’t think this is necessary but it is good to know the options out there. I’ve arranged to come back to specsavers with an update on what lens strength I need and have been kindly given testers away to help me figure out the lens I will need.


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