Preperation for 2nd workshop

At my mark i presentation my idea was going towards having a projection of the jigsaw puzzle but I had not figured out the interaction yet. Since the presentation Iv’e been trying out a number of different things such as buttons, placing a ball on a platform, turning gears/cogs etc.

After trying out a number of different ways for the children to interact, for the purpose of the workshop Iv’e chosen to make cogs the interaction. This may change depending on the children’s reaction to them. The idea of the cogs is for the children to turn them and one of the children controls the focus of the image and the other controls the light. The concept behind this is to encourage teamwork and interaction through jigsaws. The teamwork part is the idea that without the light there is no picture and without the focus of the image the picture is not clear. Hence the game does not work unless they turn the cogs together simultaneously.


As my next visit is a couple of days away I will not be able to finish the technology by then. therefore I just have to mock it up with a projector, button, and the cogs (if you can’t make it, fake it). As well as making the cogs I made jigsaws for the workshop. In the last workshop I found out that the kids were learining about Belgium and because of that were also learning about tin tin. Therefore one of the jigsaws I made featured tin tin.

So the kit for the 2nd workshop consisted of:

  • A set of gears/cogs for each child
  • overhead projector
  • 2 acetates with each jigsaw projection
  • 2 different types of jigsaws



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