Lathe turning practice

I hadn’t done much turning on the lathe since my 3rd year so i needed a quick refresher course on what I was doing. I just messed around with the lathe a couple of times and made some practice pieces:


My plan was to put the cables in through the arm for the projector. I needed therefore to route the middle of two blocks of wood before gluing them together. Unfortunately after routing the holes and waiting for the glue to set the wood split. I was too impatient and should have left the glue overnight.

Extremely frustrating but the design process can be very frustrating at times. As it was approaching time for the workshop to shut I quickly repeated the process but this time let it glue overnight. After coming back in the morning and the glue had set it was time to make it again. As the arm of the projector still had the head to be attached I had to figure out a joint to join the two pieces together with the availability of taking them apart just incase anything goes wrong with the electronics:




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