image Custom Cogs Development

After deciding on the interaction being with cogs I have been exploring several ways that the children can customise them and turn them etc. I have been exploring many different looks and textures to the cogs. On top of that have been testing out handles for ease of turning and taking the handles away as in one of my workshops the child did not use the handle. Therefore I have rubberised the cog to allow grip and also to relate to autistic children’s sensory nature. I first explored blackboard paint with chalk (to allow the children to redraw on their cogs) but upon speaking to the teacher at Howford School I was informed that the children could be quite upset if their drawings were to get rubbed out, so I stuck with rubber and non-toxic paint pens. I just kept the  colours to primary colours as it means they can merge colours and create whatever colour they like with, white, red, yellow and blue.

IMG_3620            IMG_3621

As previously mentioned the children can customise it however they want (example of the simpsons shown) but in terms of functionality this design seems flawed. As when the cogs are turned there is too much friction generated and they stick. Therefore my design exploration continued… I explored ways in which i could stop the contact points from sticking. I needed to keep the wooden corners and base in order to do this:

This seemed like a better solution at the moment but it is still not perfect in my eyes as I still have to figure out a way to embed the magnet in the bottom without being able to see it!


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