Printing the jigsaws

Since I decided on Jigsaws I have made countless amounts of them. However, none of the jigsaws I had created so far had printed colour on them. In my 2nd workshop, one of the children highlighted the fact that the jigsaws did not have colour and that they would like to see colour for the next time. As well as being asked, children are more stimulated by colour so the overall experience would be more enjoyable. Previously I’ve been lasercutting jigsaws made from thick card however the fit was loose due to burning and seemed still quite flimsy. The reason most jigsaws fit together so well are because they have specially made presses to cut the shape. I now need to find a way to create a high quality jigsaw without access to a press as they cost a lot of money to make the mould and machine. After going to a graphic design company to weigh up my best options I was directed to foamex after I explained I had access to a laser cutter. Foamex allows a nice finish to the jigsaws and I am able to print directly onto the boards and then simply laser cut the shape.

In terms of the shape of the jigsaws, it was decided that circular was the best option. This was because in one of the workshops I noted that each child seemed to have a corner of the jigsaw, detracting from the shared interaction of the game:

After lasecutting the jigsaws I found that the edges burned and melted slightly which isn’t ideal. I was able to take the burn marks off with rubbing alcohol but for my final product I will have to find something else. After showing the burnt jigsaws to Rob in the makers space he pointed me in the direction of a well finished box which had been lasercut. The material used was MDF with an acrylic top. The finish was great and materials are very durable therefore that is a definite option for making my final jigsaws. ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’…


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