Mark II Make

The design of my product was a tough one. I wanted it took look the part but at the same time not overcomplicate it too much. I had the idea of making the cogs the wheels of a train and the arm the tube which the steam comes out. However after looking back at my research I realised that I needed to keep it simple. In my 1st and 2nd workshop I noticed that the children were very easily distracted by things in the room. I wanted to make sure all focus was on the task at hand and not on the ‘toy train’ so to speak. The design could still do with a few tweaks in terms of aesthetics but the fact that it is made out of wood and does what it does, I feel could be developed into something quite beautiful:


I wanted to make the head of the projector removable as once the wiring is done you can’t really fix it. I just wanted access to the head incase the LED blew although it seems very minor it ultimately could be very major at the same time. I will have to look into the aesthetics slightly more for my final prototype:

After I had made the projector head I thought that the arm was in the way slightly in both the physical and visual interaction with the jigsaw. This is another tweak that I will have to make before submitting my final product. I will explain all this in my mark II presentation and see what feedback I receive.


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