Mark II Presentation + Working Product Overview

I finally have a fully functional working prototype! I aimed for this by this stage as it allows me time to tweak any things for the final product when making the next one. The product basically works through Arduino and with the use of hall effect sensors. The code for this is relatively default (with the exception of a few changes). Technology for me is not the biggest part but still is essential to get the product working therefore as I am not the strongest coder this proved slightly more challenging than it should have been. It was relatively straight forward until I started wanting to use two timers. I basically wanted to say if the hall effect sensor is activated x times on both sides turn LED on (in Layman’s terms if both cogs are turned a certain number of times within a certain time frame turn projector on). I got that pretty easily but it was when I wanted the LED to go off after a certain amount of time, that’s when problems started to occur:

if (count > 9 && count2 > 9 && timer < 25000) {


 Ali Napier pointed me in the direction on millis. ‘The millis() function is one of the most powerful functions of the Arduino library. This function returns the number of milliseconds the current sketch has been running since the last reset.’ This seemed to solve my problem and once my code was complete all I had to do was take a step back before going straight into my final:

Mark II Presentation Feedback & Next Steps:

  • Projector arm seemed to be an obstruction, therefore need to find a way to combat this and edit the design of it.
  • There was no where to store the Jigsaws etc.. need to put a drawer or something in to compartmentalise everything
  • A lot of wasted space inside, therefore a drawer would be perfect . Just have to have a fake platform for the Arduino and wiring so the children can access it.
  • Cogs were a bit stiff as the rubberised bits generated too much friction
  • Comments were also made on the stability of the product when turning the cogs.
  • The Jigsaws themselves were burnt by the laser cutter but I already know what the final ones are going to be made from
  • The projections could be a lot clearer
  • Need to create my own images for the jigsaws
  • LED could be brighter for a better image projection

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