User Testing – Through the eyes of autistic children

I had already done some user testing in my 2nd workshop by mocking up the final idea, however you never really get the full experience until you have a working prototype. To overcome this, I took my finished and working final prototype to the school and asked the children if they wanted to wear a go-pro whilst they interacted with the product. They seemed surprisingly into it and if anything they enjoyed being filmed, which was great(as you can see at 0.23 in the video). This footage did not feature in my one minute video as it contained a lot of shaking etc however some of the interactions were too good not to show. The Go-Pro allowed the children to enjoy being filmed but also allowed me to see the interaction from a first hand perspective. This was extremely valuable as you can miss things when just observing. Overall, the user testing was a great success and as you can see they interacted with each other and the product extremely well. This was a huge sigh of relief for me at this point as it is only through things like this that you can find validation for your ideas and product.


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