Backing from Uk’s No 1 Charity

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It is an honour to know I am being backed by the Uk’s no 1 Charity for Autism the NAS (National Autistic Society).

Jenny Paterson, director of the National Autistic Society Scotland, said: “It is great to see an up-and-coming product designer focus on the needs of children who are on the autistic spectrum and create innovative new ways for them to play and communicate.”

“Sylvester has given some of the children and families we support the chance to play with the Aid Autism Projector and give their expert feedback. We are very grateful for this opportunity and hope he can secure the necessary funding to take this exciting toy to the next stage and hopefully to market.”

I plan to collaborate with the NAS to get several products in schools across Scotland and hopefully throughout the uk.

They have agreed to work with me and have provided me with access to a special needs school in Ayrshire and in a one stop shop in kilmarnock to pilot it and work out any changes that may need to be made to the prototypes before expanding to more schools across the uk.

An estimated 58,000 people with autism live in Scotland, with nearly 4,000 thought to live in Ayrshire and 400 in Kilmarnock itself.


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