Initial sketch Protoyping

First of all we had to look at what was on the market already by creating moodboards. This gave us a sense of direction of where we wanted to go with the shape:

Next, was to start sketching out ideas and making quick sketch prototypes to get a feel for general form, materials, size and process.


Our plan was to create two open source radios. One that was modular that used a raspberry pi and was controlled from any computer device providing they are connected to the same wifi network. This is was the cheapest option but for people who were feeling slightly more adventurous, we wanted to create something that you would be happy to display in your house. Therefore we explored feasible form and materials at this stage. With the initial form explored we at this point were still at the exploratory stage with the technology. We had some of it working at and were able to mock up the touch screen interface with a mobile phone.


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