MozFest 2016

Mozfest: ‘Mozilla’s annual, hands-on festival (affectionately known as MozFest) is dedicated to forging the future of the open Web. It’s where passionate technologists, educators and creators unite to hack on innovative solutions for the Web’s most pressing issues. We explore topics like privacy, ethics, literacy and economy on the Web.’

When I fist heard about the Mozilla festival I was intrigued but at the same time slightly unsure to what exactly it was. I don’t think you can fully understand the benefits and goals of the festival until you experience it first hand (it certainly seemed that way for me).

We entered in the London Moz Fest as facilitators  but I feel a more appropriate term for us was explorers as having never been previously everything we did was exploratory. Throughout the weekend we took part in workshops as well as attending keynotes form very influential people in one of the worlds most recognised companies (Mozilla). As well as attending the events and workshops that were on offer we also had the task of presenting our own project that was to do with promoting open source products. In our case the (U-Wave) internet radio.


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 01.42.03

On the first day we arrived to over 500 flatpacked boxes… Our task was to transform an empty space into something that resembled a garage for people to display and showcase there work… including us. I felt that this was a great team building and networking excercise as well as giving our space/floor some identity. For much of the MozFest ‘The Garage’ was the place to be.

Our stand attracted a lot of attention as we had a physical product which seemed to be something unique at mozfest. We met a lot of interesting and interested people as a result of our display. We dispensed everything from business cards and booklets to miniature U-wave key rings.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and everything that came with it. I can now say that I have been to a MozFest. However, even though it was my first it most certainly will not be my last.


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